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Save up to 65% on drive-up prices by booking Airport Parking Nelson online. With Parkhero you can search, compare, and save on a range of off-site car parking Nelson Airport.

Whether you’re looking for short- or long-term uncovered or covered parking Nelson Airport, it's best to book online. The further in advance you reserve your space, the more you can save. There are many great value parking options to be found on Parkhero, for all budgets and timeframes. 

Choose between park and ride shuttle services which take you to your terminal and back, or facilities within easy walking distance to the airport. Pre-booking Nelson car storage online is simple, and takes just two minutes with our secure checkout. No account is needed! 

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Overview of Airport Parking Nelson 

At Parkhero, we know that when it comes to finding the best parking at Nelson Airport, most people just want to book with a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable car park, to keep their vehicle safe and secure whilst they’re away. It is our mission to help travellers, not just in Nelson, but in all of New Zealand find exactly that.


🚘Number of car parks available1
Best ratedNelson Airport Car Storage
💰Cheapest optionNelson Airport Car Storage
📏Closest to the airportMain Car Park


Nelson Airport Parking Fees

Nelson airport parking costs vary depending on the duration of your trip, the distance between the car park and the terminals, as well as if the car park is covered or open-air. No need to stress, though, we have you covered! We have accumulated all nelson airport parking rates for both short and long term parking at Nelson Airport.  To get an accurate quote for your trip away, enter your travel dates into the search bar above, and viola, you will be presented with available car parks. If you are not ready to book yet, and would rather check on the prices offered, simply glance over the table below and find the car park that suits your budget and needs.


Nelson Airport Parking Fees 
Car ParkCost per WeekService + Travel Time 
Airport Car Storage$47.40Shuttle: 2 - 3 minBook
Value Car Park$112.00Walk: 5 min-
Main Car Park$136.00Walk: 2 - 5 min-

Please note that these rates are subject to change without notice, but were verified in June 2024. Compare car parks in Nelson in the search bar above, or consult the official Nelson Airport website to see the most updated rates.


Types of Parking at Nelson Airport

As the fourth busiest airport in New Zealand, Nelson Airport offers travellers a range of car parks to book with, both on-site and off-site, covered and uncovered, and available for short or long-term parking. On-site car parks will be owned and operated by Nelson Airport and generally be more expensive than off-site car parks as they are in closer proximity to the airport terminals.

Off-site car parks, on the other hand, are operated by private companies are going to be more affordably priced, as they are not located on airport grounds. To make up for the distance, most, if not all off-site car parks offer complimentary shuttle transfers to and from Nelson airport.

Off-Site Nelson Airport Car Parking

Shuttle parking icon

Off-site parking, otherwise known as shuttle parking or ‘park and ride’, is one of the most economical ways to park your car when departing from the airport. All you have to do is book your space in advance online and then drive to the parking lot Nelson Airport before your flight.

You’ll then be asked to check in your car by showing the car park staff your Parkhero booking confirmation, and then board the shuttle bus to the airport. You’ll receive help with your luggage, and further instructions on where to meet the driver on your return to Nelson. The car parks that offer shuttle transfers also tend to offer the cheapest Nelson airport parking fees and be the most hassle-free option for airport parking!

Arrival: On the day of departure, simply drive to the address of the chosen car park. You can park your car here, and you will then be taken to the airport as quickly as possible in one of the shuttle buses from the car park.

Return: On the day of return, after landing, contact the car park by phone, then a shuttle bus will be driven to the airport to pick you up and take you back to the car park.



Nelson Airport Car Storage ($47.40 for 1 Week)

Nelson Airport Car Storage is an off-site, open-air parking facility that offers discounted rates on long term parking Nelson Airport. Upon arrival, they will meet you at the Airport House to pick up your car and drive it to where it will be stored whilst you are away. You will then be directed to the shuttle. Upon your return, they will bring your car to the airport house so you are on your way home in minutes! While it’s not the most convenient option for short stays, as the minimum booking requirement for outdoor car storage is 12 days, you can find indoor storage containers of 10’, 20’, and 40’ to park your car in for as little as $25 a week, for a minimum stay of 4 weeks.

To add to the convenience offered at this car park, whilst away, you may have your car detailed for $95, acquire a Warrant of Fitness for $50, or park in a car storage container for $12 a day, which is less than what you would pay at the main car park at Nelson Airport. If convenience and affordability are important to you, Nelson Airport Car Storage is a great option to consider as they offer some of the lowest Nelson Airport parking fees. Located near the airport, free shuttle transfers are waiting to take you to and from the airport on demand. 

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Zoom Airport Parking (Currently Unavailable)

Located within walking distance of the terminal building, Zoom Parking offers convenient and comprehensive car storage options at their Bolt Road location. Open from 7.00a.m. to 8.00p.m., every day of the week, Zoom Airport Parking is housed in a secure, open-air, purpose built facility with 24 hour security and is an excellent option for long term parking Nelson Airport. All you have to do is park and zoom! Simply park and let the trained staff at Parking Zoom move your car to their storage facility for you, while you make your way to the terminal. 


Parking at Nelson Airport within Walking Distance to Terminals

Parking within walking distance icon

There are two on-site car parks at NSN Airport, the Value Parking Car Park and the Main Parking Car Park, plus the designated Drop Off Lane P2. If you would like to book your parking at any of these facilities, you will need to do so upon arrival at the car park. At present, it is not possible to reserve a parking space through Parkhero or online at the official Nelson Airport website. There are, however, plenty of spots and three payment options to choose from when paying upon arrival at the car park. 

Arrival: You simply drive to the car park. On arrival, you can pay via Paywave or Credit Card by scanning your card at the machine by the entry gate. If you prefer to pay in cash, or with EFTPOS, take a ticket at the entry gate and insert that ticket at the entry gate. You may then pay for your ticket at the payment machine in front of the terminals with your choice of payment method. Be sure to keep the ticket somewhere safe whilst away, as you will need it to exit the car park upon your return. 

Return: You walk back to the car park, get in your car and leave the car park using the same credit card or Paywave you entered the car park with. If you acquired a ticket on your entry into the car park, exit the car park by inserting that same ticket into the machine at the exit gate.



Value Car Park ($112.00 for 1 Week)

The Value Long Term Car Park is located off the main loop road, to the left of the airport, Value airport parking is an open air, budget facility comprising 250 spaces. There is limited lighting and basic CCTV coverage. If you are looking for on-site parking at Nelson airport, consider this as a budget-conscious option as it offers affordable Nelson airport parking rates. The car park is within walking distance of the airport terminals and has Nelson airport parking rates starting at $2.00 per hour, or part thereof up to $13.00 per day, and $75.00 per week.



Main Car Park ($136.00 for 1 Week)

The Main Car Park has approximately 500 parking bays in the uncovered Main Car Park, which is located within the main loop road. It is not the cheapest car park if you are looking for long term parking at Nelson airport, but it does have spaces that are sealed, well lit, and protected by good CCTV coverage. The Main Car Park is within walking distance of the terminal building, and fees start at $4.30 per hour, or part thereof, and extend up to $17.00 per day, and $119.00 a week.



Drop-Off Lane P2

Drop-Off Lane P2 is a designated area located in front of the terminal and is only for immediate drop offs as there is a 2 minute time limit.


Nelson Airport Valet Parking

Unfortunately, there is no valet parking at Nelson Airport at present.


Short-Term Parking at Nelson Airport 

If you are looking to drop off or pick-up passengers, you may utilize the designated drop-off lane directly in front of the terminal at Nelson Airport, located parallel to the Taxi lane. To use this lane, the driver must stay in the car, and keep the car on while passengers exit. If you would like a bit longer to say goodbye to or wait for your loved ones, you may park at any of the Nelson airport parkings for 15 minutes free. After 15 minutes, you will be charged $2.70 per hour at the Value car park, and $4.30 per hour at the main car park.

Book Airport Parking Nelson with Parkhero

Regardless of whether you are looking for short or long term parking at Nelson airport, you’re bound to find a car park with great Nelson airport parking fees on Parkhero. We also offer a wealth of detailed information on pricing structures, service types, opening times, as well as customer reviews, so you know that you're making the right choice for your Nelson Airport car parking. 

And if you can't stand the hassle of arranging travel - don't worry! Our safe and easy to use search engine can find you an affordable and reliable option for parking at Nelson Airport in mere seconds. And it's possible to book in under two minutes; no account required! You can reserve your space with any major credit card, and then download your booking confirmation right away. Thousands of travellers in Australia and New Zealand agree that Parkhero can save you time and money. There is no more convenient way to pre-book guaranteed Nelson airport car parking.

About Nelson Airport

Nelson NZ Airport (NSN) is a domestic airport, located 6km southwest of central Nelson, New Zealand, in the suburb of Annesbrook. It is the sixth-busiest airport in New Zealand in terms of passenger numbers, with over 1.2 million visitors per year, and seventh in terms of aircraft movements.

At present, there are no scheduled international services arriving or departing from Nelson Airport New Zealand. The airport has a single terminal, with nine tarmac gates and seven adjacent remote gates. Air New Zealand currently operates up to 14 daily flights to Auckland, up to 12 daily flights to Wellington and up to 9 daily flights to Christchurch from Nelson Airport. 

Major work is scheduled on the main airport building, to meet growth needs in the future. In 2017 the airport unveiled 270 new parking spaces and new exit barrier arms, in order to help with traffic flow during this development phase. 


Which Airlines Operate at Nelson Airport?

The main airlines at the airport are:


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While we’ve made every attempt to report on Nelson Airport parking fees accurately, prices do fluctuate over time and are subject to change without notice, but were accurate at the time of publication for 1 week (8 days). Please note that it is not possible to book official Nelson Airport parking through Parkhero at present. 

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