How does it work?


With this hassle-free service you can drop-off and pick-up your car directly at the airport terminal or just nearby. A professional valet will park your car for you while you walk just a few minutes to the check-in desks. On your return your car will be waiting where you dropped it off.

  • No need to wait - drive directly to the terminal
  • Your car is parked by a professional valet
  • Walk to check-in with your luggage in just minutes

What are the steps?

Frequently asked questions

Will my car be insured during valet parking?

You will need to check with your car insurance provider whether or not your

vehicle would be covered when being driven by a valet driver.

Most valet parking companies provide professional drivers who have been fully

insured to drive your vehicle.

What is the valet parking process?

You drive to the airport and your car will be driven to the car park by one of their drivers. Call 30 minutes before arrival so the driver can come to wait for you and check your car. When you arrive and sign out, call the car park so they can bring your car to the location you agreed for you to directly drive home.

I have reserved valet parking, where should I hand over my vehicle?

The driver will arrange a meeting point with you. It is usually near the departure hall. Remember to call the parking provider 30 minutes before your arrival so that they can meet you there. Their phone number will be provided on your booking confirmation email. For more information on how valet parking works, check out our 'parking types' page for an explanation.

How do I recognise the driver with whom I'll check my car?

The driver will be wearing company branded clothing. You have to provide information such as colour, brand, and number plate so that they can quickly recognise you.

Where will my car be parked?

Your car will be parked securely in a closed parking area for the duration of your trip. For security information about each car park, please see the dedicated provider page.

Where can I book this?

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