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p>Whether you’re going to park near Nelson Airport for a week or more, or simply picking up loved ones from the terminal, our Nelson Airport parking tips are a great place to start when planning your visit. Here, you’ll find information on fees, services, and facilities - including details about the official airport car parks, off-site parking, how to make an online booking, the easiest way to find the best rates, plus answers to frequently asked questions, and everything in between. 


Tip 1: Book Online to Guarantee Your Space 

Did you know that there are less than 800 parking spaces at Nelson Airport? Between the Value Car Park and the Main Car Park, there are only 250 budget spaces by the terminal building. Those travelling during long weekends and school holiday periods run the risk of not being able to find an affordable space, if they don’t book in advance. What could be more stressful, in the hours before your flight departs, than circling several different car parks looking for a spot? 

As with most travel services, you can save money on airport parking by comparing prices and booking online. Unfortunately, Nelson Airport doesn’t offer travellers the ability to pay for parking on their own website. But, your next best option is to reserve a bay at an off-site airport car park, such as Nelson Airport Car Storage. You can park at Nelson Airport Car Storage for as little as $5.00 per day, and enjoy free shuttle transfers and the protection of full CCTV coverage, which sure beats having to pay $17.00 at the Main Car Park! 


Tip 2: Compare Prices Before You Book

Overview of Nelson Airport Parking Rates

Car ParkCost per WeekService + Travel Time 
Value Car Park$112.00Walk: 5 min-
Main Car Park$136.00Walk: 2 - 5 min-


Calculating how much you’ll have to pay for parking at Nelson Airport is relatively straightforward when it comes to the official airport car parks. The Value Car Park and the Main Car Park all offer daily flat rates, which remain unchanged no matter how many days you stay. Parking at the Value Long Term Car Park will cost you as low as $14.00/per day, while the Main Car Park charges $17.00. However, some off-site car parks charge their rates according to a sliding scale; meaning that the longer the booking length, the lower the daily rate. To find the cheapest parking at Nelson Airport, then check out our blog for more information! If you’re planning on parking for a week or more, it’s well worth comparing the prices of several car parks to work out which lot is the most cost-effective for your trip away. You can see the differences in price for stays of several weeks above.


Tip 3: Consider Covered Parking 

While Nelson tends to experience very mild winters, storms and gales are not too uncommon. If you’re concerned about possible hail damage, which could occur if you park in an open air lot, covered parking is a viable alternative. Sure, it costs a little extra, but it will save you money in the long run, if you compare it to the cost of windscreen repair and panel beating. None of the airport’s official car parks are indoors, but you can book covered parking at Nelson Airport Car Storage. Prices for secure indoor parking start at $10.00 per day, and this service comes complete with full CCTV coverage and protective metal fencing. We recommend this option for new and classic cars, and for customers who wish to have complete peace of mind when they travel.  


Tip 4: Check if it’s Possible to Park an Oversized Vehicle or Campervan

Most on-site and off-site airport car parks can only accommodate standard sized vehicles, which can be highly inconvenient for those that drive a large van or RV. However, this is not the case at Nelson Airport! The Value Long Term Car Park, which is owned and maintained by the airport itself, is the best option for oversized vehicles and camper vans as access, turning, and the roadways will make it easier for you to park. If you’re not sure whether your vehicle can park at Value Airport Parking, get in touch with Nelson Airport’s customer service team before you make the drive. They will be able to advise you on your parking options, and availability. There are approximately 250 spaces at the Value Airport Parking, however, it’s not possible to reserve one online at present.


Tip 5: Confirm the Car Park’s Address Before You Leave Home

If you haven’t parked by Nelson Airport before, you’ll save yourself plenty of time and stress on your day of travel by double-checking the car park’s address. If you intend on using an off-site parking provider such as Car Storage Nelson, you’ll be able to find all the information you need on the Parkhero website. Do keep in mind that if you’ve decided to park at either the Value Car Park or the Main Car Park, it’s worth confirming the address on Nelson Airport's official website before entering it into your car’s GPS. The Value Car Park's point of entry has changed, so when you are coming off Trent Drive, you will see a new road connecting you directly to the Value Car Park.

Since Nelson Airport is currently undergoing redevelopment, ahead of the launch of the new terminal building, the road systems and car park entrances may have changed since you last visited. Give yourself a little extra time to make the journey, so you can arrive at the airport feeling relaxed and well prepared. 




While we’ve made every attempt to report on Nelson Airport parking prices accurately, prices do fluctuate based on factors such as capacity, how long you intend to park for, and service type. The tariffs featured on this page were last updated in June 2024. All prices for New Zealand car parks are shown in New Zealand Dollars ($NZ).

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